Your best friend will be lovingly hand wash in warm water with quality products which reused water is never used. All products used at From Shabby Chic Groomers, are mostly natural and in some cases, locally made. Conditioner is always used unless there are concerns with skin allergies.

We never cage your Best Friend and we always hand dry and groom to the highest level so that your Best Friend will walk out of From Shabby To Chic Groomers looking their best.

From Shabby to Chic Groomers provide the following dog grooming packages:


Groom Tidy
Bath and Blow Dry Bath and Blow Dry
Full body clip in pet breed or style Face, Feet & Sanitary areas tidied and clipped
Ears cleaned (plucked if required) Ears cleaned (plucked if required)
Nails clipped Nails clipped
Price Range from $60 to $90 Price Range from $40 to $60
Bath & Strip Bath
Bath & Blow Dry Bath & Blow Dry
Ears Cleaned (plucked if required) Nails Clipped
Nails Clipped (This is mainly for short haired dogs)
Undercoat stripped and removed
Price Range from $45 to $70 Price Range from $25 to $50
Trim Only  (Trimming Face, Feet and Tail only)

This is a great package to introduce puppies to grooming in between full grooms or for older dogs.

Price $30 to $50

Price for Pensioners $5 off all prices

Please Note: If there is something that you would like and it is not shown please ring and ask as these packages can be changed around to suit you and your Best Friend.

These prices are subject to change, due to condition of your pet’s coat.