About Us

About  Us.

While I am a dog owner and a passionate animal lover, a sea change in my career was paramount to be true to my way of life.

Falling in love with my dog and others, I decided I wanted to do something that would allow me to share this love. I started to investigate what was on offer and discovered the art of Dog Grooming.  I did some research and found that the level 1 and 2 in dog grooming at the Box Hill TAFE was the ideal choice.

My aim was to have a home based environment enabling me to offer a relaxed, stress free and friendly place for all dog’s shapes and sizes.  It was vital to me that no cages were used at my home based salon. There is an area where dogs are free to play, relax, sleep and still be enclosed in a safe and comfortable environment which is our main objective.

My dog “Lucy Lu” is normally with me when I groom, she sits in her bed just waiting for play time. There are plenty of beds for dogs to make their own, loads of toys to encourage play time and there is always fresh clean water to quench the thirst.

It is my number one priority to make all dogs feel relaxed and safe – and taking my time grooming your dog is extremely important to the mission statement of From Shabby to Chic Groomers. At first, it may take longer than a normal grooming session, but in my experience, I find when they start trusting you future sessions are shorter in time.

I have completed a National Dog Trainer Federation course in Dog Behaviour and Training with Providing Basic care for dogs in 2015. This has provided me a better understanding of dogs, not only when grooming, but their nature also. Becoming a Dog Behaviourist has helped me understand why dogs do what they do.

We pride ourselves on understanding your dog and your expectations. We believe a loving, warm, fun and clean grooming environment will make everyone feel comfortable and will take your dog from Shabby to Chic.

We can’t wait to meet and style your dog at From Shabby to Chic Groomers.